Egyptian Funerary Cone: Scribe Amenhotep


Egyptian Funerary Cone: Scribe Amenhotep

An ancient Egyptian clay funerary cone with a round face impressed with text in raised relief for: ?Scribe, steward of the first god?s servant of Amun-Re, Amenhotep, true of voice.?

New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty,
Ca. 1550-1295 BC.
Width: 3 1/4 in. (8.5 cm).

Egyptian funerary cones were traditionally inserted in rows with their inscribed flat ends facing outward above the entrances of the superstructures of non-royal tombs in Thebes from the XVIIIth to XXVIth Dynasties, ca. 1550-525 BC. The texts generally give the name and titles of the tomb's owners.

cf.: G. Dibley & B. Lipkin, A Compendium of Egyptian Funerary Cones, (2009), no. 123.

Formerly in the Carl DeVries collection, purchased on November 28, 1970.

Inv#: 6399


Guaranteed Authentic

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