Hittite Terracotta House Model


Hittite Terracotta House Model

A large ancient Syro-Hittite terracotta model of a two story house with several triangular windows and impressed shrubs on the walls.

Ca. 2000-1500 BC.
Length: 13 3/4 in. (35 cm).

The term Syro-Hittite refers to the Aramaic and Phoenician speaking communities of northern Syria and southern Anatolia who fell under the rule of the Hittite Empire in the second millennium BC.

Terracotta figures representing humans, animals,chariots, and houses have been unearthed at sites in the western Fertile Crescent. They may have been made as children's toys or as votive dedications to be placed at sacred shrines or temples.

Formerly in the D. Liebert collection since the 1960's; acquired by a New York institution in 2000; subsequently deaccessioned, 2015.

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