Wari Staff Deity Cup

Wari Staff Deity Cup

A Pre-Columbian Wari (Huari) (Pachacamac style) cup with staff deity wearing an elaborate headdress, his face modeled in relief.

Southern Peru.
Ca. 600-900 AD.
Height: 5 3/8 in. (13,6 cm).
Diameter: 3 1/2 in. (8.9 cm).

The Huari (Wari) culture of the Andean highlands eventually dominated most of the Peruvian coastline until they were succeeded by the Inca.

The "Staff God," one of the most important iconographical elements in central Andean archaeology is prominent in both portable and fixed art. A form of the staff god is the central element of the Gateway of the Sun at Tiwanaku.

cf.: Susan E. Bergh, Wari Lords of the Andes, (Cleveland, 2012) Fig 122 pg. 139; Helmut Schindler, The Norbert Mayrock Art Collection from ancient Peru (Munich, 2000) page 132 and 133

Formerly in a New York private collection.

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