Greek Bronze Illyrian Helmet


Greek Bronze Illyrian Helmet

An ancient Greek bronze helmet of the Illyrian type, with raised crest lines over the top that once held the horsehair crest in place. Around the border is a band of incised pseudo-rivet circles. Remnants of the wooden crest housing and the horsehair are imbedded in the patina.

Ca. 550-480 BC.
Height: 10 in. (25.4 cm).

Confer for similar examples: Musée du Louvre, Paris, inv. no. BR4117, found in Grave III at Mikra Karabournaki, Macedonia by the Fouilles du service archélogique de l'Armée d'Orient in 1917; National Archaeological Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria, found in Grave I at Trebenista, Macedonia in 1918; and several examples from Archontiko Necropolis at Pella.

Formerly in the collection of Axel Guttmann, Berlin, Germany (no. AG517), acquired in Zurich in 1991; E. S. collection, Berlin.

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