Etruscan Hare Aryballos


Etruscan Hare Aryballos

An ancient Etruscan Italo-Corinthian aryballos, an oil vessel, in the form of a hanging hare with its head bent back along its spine.

Ca. 580-560 BC.
Length: 6 3/4 in. (17 cm).

The production of pottery from the northern Peloponnesian city of Corinth began around 720 BC and continued until about 550 BC. A great deal of Corinthian pottery was imported into Etruria where it was in great demand in the early 6th century BC. Etruscan potters eventually began producing their own version of Etrusco-Corinthian pottery to satisfy local market.

cf.: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, inv. no. 80.586; University of Pennsylvania, inv. no. MS 702.

Formerly in a European private collection.

Inv#: 6274


Guaranteed Authentic

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