Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet


Greek Bronze Corinthian Helmet

An ancient Greek bronze helmet of the Corinthian type, with curvilinear eye holes that taper to a point, a wide nose guard, cheek pieces that leave an opening for the mouth, an incised border with a swooping neck guard, and rectangular cut-outs at the shoulders.

Found in the Danube River.
Ca. 575-500 BC.
Height: 9 1/2 in. (24.5 cm); weight: 780 gm.

This helmet belongs to the so-called Myros group of Corinthian helmets (after a helmet of the type from Olympia inscribed with the name Myros). Based on the geographical distribution of their find spots within the Peloponnese, and the lack of finds of the type overseas, as well as Laconian bronze statuettes that clearly depict this form, with the distinctive cut-out at the shoulder, the Myros type helmet appears to be of Spartan manufacture.

Published: H. Born, Die Helme des Hephaistos: Handwerk und Technik griechischer Bronzen in Olympia, (Munich, 2009), pp. 30-31, fig. 7.

Published: R. Hixenbaugh and A. Valdman, Ancient Greek Helmets: a Complete Guide and Catalog, 2019, cat. no. C 438. Cf.: Olympia Archaeological Museum, inv. nos. B5100, B5613, B6083.

Formerly in the collection of Axel Guttmann (no. AG149), Berlin, Germany, 1990's; E. S. collection, Berlin.

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