Seventeen Hittite Stone Stamp Seals


Seventeen Hittite Stone Stamp Seals

A collection of seventeen ancient Hittite hard stone stamp seals inscribed with Hittite Hieroglyphs on each side, naming various individuals and scribes.

Ca. 1350-1100 BC.
Maximum diameter: 23 mm.

Most have been published in G. Beckman, "More Anatolian Stamp Seals in America," Oriens Antiquus 28 (1989), 177-178; "Anatolian Stamps from a California Collection," Studi Miceni ed Egeo Anatolici, vol. 40, (1998), 83-86; "Two New HIttite Seals," Antiquus Oriens, Melanges offerts au professeur Rene Lebrun, Vol. 1, (2004), 65-69.

Formerly in the F. K. collection, acquired in the 1970s and 80s from various previous collections.

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