Egyptian Wood Mummy Sarcophagus

Egyptian Wood Mummy Sarcophagus

An ancient Egyptian carved anthropomorphic sarcophagus upper lid section, carved from a single piece of Acacia wood, with a pegged section on the proper left side. The broad face is framed with a large tripartite wig. The eyes were once inlaid with stone and bronze, traces of which remain. The interior with dowels for insertion into the bottom of the sarcophagus. The surface was originally coated in linen, gesso, and paint. The interior is hollowed out to accommodate the mummy.

Late Dynastic Period, 700-300 BC.
Height: 37 3/8 in. (95 cm).

Formerly in a Belgian private collection, acquired prior to 1983.

Inv#: 6061


Guaranteed Authentic

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