Aegina   480-456 BC


Aegina 480-456 BC

Silver stater, 20 mm, 12.39 gm.
Obverse: Sea turtle with stamp in the back.
Reverse: Mill-sail incuse stamp.

Ca. 480-456 BC.

Aegina was the first European Greek city to coin money. The Aeginetes within 40 years of the invention of coinage by the Lydians introduced it to the western world. The Aeginetan scale of coins, weights and measures was one of the two scales in general use in the Greek world (the other being the Euboic-Attic).

SNG COP. 507. SNG M√ľnchen 549.

Ex Dr. Arthur Ziegler collection, 1992.

Inv#: 6031


Guaranteed Authentic

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