Olmec Jade Spoon


Olmec Jade Spoon

A Pre-Columbian Olmec polished jade pendant blood-letting spoon drilled through at the side for suspension.

Central America.
Ca. 900-600 BC.
Length: 3 3/4 in. (9.7 cm).

The first major civilization Meso-America was that of the Olmec. They established themselves In the tropical lowlands of south-central Mexico around 1500 BC. The Olmec were very advanced, with monumental architecture, colossal statuary, and an aristocracy that enjoyed fine objects of personal adornment in jade and obsidian that were imported from areas hundreds of miles away.

Formerly in the P. G. collection, Anaheim, California, inherited in the 1970's.

Inv#: 5900


Guaranteed Authentic

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