Greek Bronze Chalcophone


Greek Bronze Chalcophone

An ancient Greek bronze chalcophone, a musical instrument, composed of nineteen bronze tubes suspended on wires between two vertical side pieces with spiral terminals acting as resonators.

Ca. 8th -7th century BC.
Length: 8 3/4 in. (22.4 cm).
Right side piece restored.

Chalcophones appear in both Phoenician and South Italian Greek contexts during the Archaic Period. They are associated with burials and funerary practices, particularly female grave sites. They are thought to have been played like a multi-toned cymbal.

cf.: C. Colelli & A. Fera, eds., 'Bronze Chalcophones in Southern Italy' in L. Bombardieri (ed.) Soma 2012: Identity and Connectivity, (Oxford), vol. II, pp. 823-833.

Formerly in the G. B. collection, New York; previously in an old private collection, Bochum, Germany.

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