Egyptian Terracotta Sarcophagus Cover

Egyptian Terracotta Sarcophagus Cover

An ancient Egyptian Nile-silt terracotta sarcophagus cover, ovoid in form, depicting a large bust with with the face and ears modeled in relief, pigment remains on the eyes, lips, and wig.

Ramesside Period, 19th-20th Dynasty,
Ca. 1292 - 1075 BC.
Height: 25 in. (63 cm).

Pottery anthropoid coffins are commonly found in Nubia, the Nile Delta, and the Faiyum. These coffins generally imitate styles found in stone sarcophagi, and the reliance on clay may well have to do with the economic status of the deceased.

cf.: P. Lacovara, Mummies & Magic, The Funerary Art of Ancient Egypt, (Boston, p. 160-161, fig. 112.

Formerly in a Canadian private collection; with Archaeologia Gallery, Montreal, late 1970s.

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