Roman Marble Horseman Relief


Roman Marble Horseman Relief

An ancient Roman marble votive relief depicting a horseman galloping with shield and spear, a hunting dog running along below.

Thrace, Moesia Inferior,
Ca. 2nd century AD.
Height: 7 3/4 in. (19.5 cm).

The ubiquity of representations of horseman on marble steles found in the eastern Balkans attests to the popularity of these cult images in the area. The purpose of these images remains enigmatic. They are often assumed to relate to a long standing hero cult that was later adopted by Roman soldiers stationed in Moesia.

cf.: C. Nicolae, "The Iconography of the Antique Hero in the Balkan Area," Marisia XXXI (2011).

Formerly in an Austrian private collection, acquired in the 1990's.

Inv#: 5699


Guaranteed Authentic

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