Chancay Double Whistle Vessel


Chancay Double Whistle Vessel

A Pre-Columbian Chancay large painted double lobed whistle vessel with a long spout, a strap bridge handle and a bird perched on one side, with vertical zigzag bands painted on the body.

Huacho, Northern Peru.
Ca. 800-1200 AD.
Height:11 1/8 in. (28.3 cm).

In the Pacific coast valleys north of what is now
Lima, the Chancay people produced distinctive pottery and ceramic figures with a wide variety of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic motifs.

cf.: C. B. Donnan, Ceramics of Ancient Peru, (Los Angeles, 1992), p. 101, no. 195.

Formerly in the collection of Dr. John E. Frost, Houston, Texas; Harmer Rooke gallery, New York, 1970's-80's.

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