Attic Black-Figure Band Cup: Centaurs


Attic Black-Figure Band Cup: Centaurs

An ancient Attic Greek black-figure band cup by the Centaur Painter, decorated with a central band in which a pair of bearded centaurs holding white stones pursue two bounding deer on the opposite side.

Athens, Attica.
Ca. 540 - 520 BC.
Height: 3 3/4 in. (9.6 cm).
Restored foot, stem, handles, and sections of the rim not affecting the painted scene.

The Centaur Painter (fl. ca. 545 - 520 BC) was an Athenian black-figure painter who specialized in miniature scenes on band cups and lip cups. He especially favored lively pursuits involving satyrs, centaurs, maenads and various animals.

cf.: P. Heesen, Athenian Little Master Cups, (Basel, 2011), pl. 164a, no. 658 (Wurzburg L 405), pl. 166b, no. 664 (London B 408), pl. 166c, no. 665 (Florence 151104).

Formerly in the F.B. collection, Zurich, 1970's.

Inv#: 5494


Guaranteed Authentic

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