Bronze Age European Vase


Bronze Age European Vase

An ancient Bronze Age pottery vessel with a globular body, funnel spout, and five incised semicircles divided by vertical bands and cross hatches.

Late Bronze Age, Northern Europe.
Lausitzer Culture, ca. 900-700 BC.
Height: 4 1/2 in. (11.5 cm).

The inhabitants of Northern Europe, in the area of Prussia and Poland, are identified in the archaeological record by large cemeteries containing numerous cremation burials contained in cinerary urns. The burials were often accompanied by bronze tools, ornament, pottery vessels, and weapons.

cf.: W. Menghin, Hallstattzeit, (Berlin, 1999), p. 96, pl. 51.

Formerly in the collection of Dr. Russmann, Berlin, Germany, acquired in the 1930's.

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