Egyptian Bronze Statuette of Anubis

Egyptian Bronze Statuette of Anubis

An ancient Egyptian bronze statuette of the jackal-headed god Anubis, depicted striding, wearing a striated wig and shendyt kilt, the eyes inlaid with gold.

26th Dynasty, ca. 664-525 BC.
Height: 6 in. (15.2 cm).
Left arm restored.

The god Anubis was especially associated with embalming, mummification and cemeteries. Anubis was identified with the jackal from an early date as the canine was known to scavenge dead bodies.

cf. for a similar example: British Museum, inv. no. EA61010.

Formerly in the estate of J. De Bella, Brooklyn, acquired in Egypt in 1967.

Inv#: 5433


Guaranteed Authentic

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