Man. Acilius Balbus  125 BC


Man. Acilius Balbus 125 BC

Silver denarius, 18mm, 3.72 gm.
Obverse: BAL BVS / ROMA
Helmeted head of Roma; X, within wreath.
Reverse: MN ACILI in exergue
Jupiter and Victory in quadriga right, round Macedonian shield below horses.

Ca. 125 BC.

Manius Acilius Balbus was a Consul in 114 BC. The gens Acilia was a Roman family which flourished from the middle of the 3rd century BC until at least the 5th centur ADy, a period of seven hundred years.

Crawford 271/1; Sydenham 498.

Inv#: 5015


Guaranteed Authentic

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  • Man. Acilius Balbus  125 BC



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