Egyptian Bronze Statuette of Ptah

Egyptian Bronze Statuette of Ptah

An ancient Egyptian large solid-cast bronze statuette of the god Ptah, depicted bearded and mummiform, wearing a tight shroud, broad collar, skull cap, and holding the was-scepter close to his body.

Late Period, ca. 700-30 BC.
Height: 6 3/4 in. (17.2 cm).

Ptah was a primordial Egyptian god responsible for creation. He was the patron deity of craftsmen, particularly stone carvers and sculptors Ptah's significance increased with the growing industry of funerary goods at the necropolis of Thebes. He began to become associated with god of the underworld, Osiris, eventually becoming known as Ptah-Soker-Osiris.

Formerly in a French private collection, early 1970's.

Inv#: 4814


Guaranteed Authentic

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