Greek and Persian Projectile Group


Greek and Persian Projectile Group

A group of ancient Persian and Greek projectiles including a Greek lead sling bullet, inscribed on one side with a wasp, and on the other: KALA, a Persian bronze javelin blade with a recessed mid-rib and a quadrangular tang, a Persian barbed arrowhead, and two Greek bronze socketed arrow heads (one bilobed and one trilobed).

Ca. 6th - 3rd century BC.
Length of sling bullet: 3.3 cm.
Length of javelin blade: 15.5 cm.

This group of five represents the type of projectiles that were in use in the opposing armies of the Greeks and the Persians. These weapons were in use from the Battle of Marathon until the campaign of Alexander the Great. The Persians relied heavily on lightly armed troops equipped with bows and javelins. The Greeks often employed Scythians and Thracians as skirmishers who were armed with slings and bows.

From various European collections.

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