Egyptian Faience New Year Flask


Egyptian Faience New Year Flask

An ancient Egyptian green faience New Year flask or ampulla of lentoid form, with an incised decorative band at the shoulder.

Late Period, 26th Dynasty,
Ca. 672-525 BC.
Height: 5 3/4 in. (14.5 cm).
Body intact, spout restored.

The New Year for the ancient Egyptians began in late Summer with the beginning of the inundation of the Nile. It is thought that these vessels, traditional offerings that were especially popular in the Saite 26th Dynasty, contained sacred Nile water.

cf.: F.D. Frieman ed., Gifts of the Nile; Ancient Egyptian Faience, (Rhode Island, 1998), p. 138, nos. 126, 127.

Formerly in the collection of Professor Winkler, Berlin, acquired from Nicholas Tano, Cairo (d. 1924) in the 1920's or earlier.

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