Roman Marble Relief of Zeus and Hera


Roman Marble Relief of Zeus and Hera

An ancient Roman marble relief fragment of the upper part of a votive stela depicting Zeus and Hera. The divine couple stands side by side, Hera with her head veiled. The Greek inscription reads: [DII KAI] HRA SOUIDEPTH[NIOS], translated, "To Zeus and Hera of Souidepta."

Moesia Inferior, Thrace.
Ca. 2nd - 3rd century AD.
Height: 7 1/8 in. (18 cm).

As sister and wife of Zeus, Hera (Latin: Juno) was foremost of the female divinities in the Greek Pantheon. Countless shrines and temples were devoted to her cult, but her primary centers of worship were the Heraion in Argos, Olympia where athletic competitions for women were conducted in her honor, and the island of Samos - her reputed birthplace.

Published: "Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, # 168," (2009), p. 192. no. 5.

Formerly in a European private collection.

Inv#: 3123


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