Antique Print, The House of the Centenary at Pompeii, Maison du Centenaire a Pompei


Antique Print, The House of the Centenary at Pompeii, Maison du Centenaire a Pompei

An original antique heliogravure print of the The House of the Centenary at Pompeii based on the restoration of L. Chifflot, 1903. Part of the Fragmens D'Architecture Antiques, printed by Chauvet and edited by Hector-Jean-Baptiste D'Espouy (1854-1929) and Charles Schmid.

Antique D'Espouy Heliogravure Print:
Printed in 1910.

Picture Dimension: 14.5 in wide by 10.5 high. (36.5 cm x 26.8 cm)
Framed Picture: 21 in. wide by 17 in. high (53.5 cm x 43.5 cm)
Excellent condition, a heliogravure print on quality woven rag stock. Matted and framed.

Hector-Jean -Baptiste D'Espouy was a painter and architect who as professor of the School of Beaux Arts in Paris from 1895 oversaw the publication of Fragmens D'Architecture Antiques, a massive study of the architectural remains of classical antiquity. The prints contained therein were based upon the meticulous restorations, elevations, maps, and site plans compiled by the finest French academics of the time.

cf.: Benezit, E. "Dictionnaire critique et Documentaire des Peintres, Sculteurs, Dessinateurs et Gravures," Librairie Grund, 1966, Vol. 3, p. 611.

This House derives its name because it was dug in the 18th centenary of the eruption (1879). It's a very complex building, the property of Aulus Rustius Verus, probably resultant by the fusion of three independent residences. It has two atria that formed the front part of the house; beyond it lie a tablinium and a peristyle, the front wing of it forms a loggia. In the garden was found the celebrated statuette of a Satyr with wine-skin, a fountain and a marble statue of Hermaphrodite.

Inv#: 1800


Guaranteed Authentic

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