Greek (Thracian) Silver Bracelets


Greek (Thracian) Silver Bracelets

A pair of ancient Thracian silver bracelets, each made of a single length of intricately coiled silver wire. The intertwined coils of undulating width are clasped together by a Heraklean Knot.

Ca. 3rd-2nd century BC.
Diameter: 2 3/4 in. (7 cm).

Ancient Thrace on the northern shore of the Aegean Sea was a major source of both gold and silver. Its kingdoms flourished through trade between the Greeks to the south and the Celts of the Danubian interior to the North. Thracian tombs of this period often abound with silver vessels and jewelry.

cf. for nearly identical examples: I. Marazov, Thrace and the Ancient World, Vassil Bojkov Collection, (2011), p. 189, no. 146.

Formerly in a German private collection.

Inv#: 1519


Guaranteed Authentic

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