Senones, North Central Gaul


Senones, North Central Gaul

Cast Potin, 18 mm, 4.05 gm.
Obverse: Head with phallic hair, right.
Reverse: Curvy horse left, tail up.
Yonne, Northeast central France.
The 'Champagne Wild Man'

Ca. 80-50 BC.

The Senones, starting from their capital Agedincum (modern Sens), penetrated as far south as Cisalpine Gaul in Northern Italy in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. Diodorus and Livy claim that they led the army that sacked Rome in 390 BC. Their name is retained in the modern Seine River.

LT 7417, BMC III, 389.

Ex Chris Rudd 4986.

Inv#: 1309


Guaranteed Authentic

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