Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is pleased to present our latest gallery exhibition: CERAMIC

On view from January 19 through February 25th.

The term CERAMIC is derived from the ancient Greek KERAMAIKOS, the name of the famous potter's district of Athens. Here the Greeks elevated the industry of clay pottery production to an art form. The most accomplished and innovative artists of the time worked as potters and vase painters. Athenian black-figure and red-figure pottery supplanted the wares of the city of Corinth which were previously the most sought after Greek export products in the Mediterranean. Following Athens defeat in the Peloponnesian War, the industry of fine ceramic production moved westward to the Greek colonial cities of Southern Italy. Later the prolific pottery factories of ancient Rome would supply the table wares and storage vessels of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The use of fired clay as a utilitarian medium for creating vessels was one of the earliest human industries. From as early as the Neolithic Period, the applications of modeled and fired clay were recognized. Entire ancient civilizations today are identified in the archaeological record by their distinct pottery wares. Cored wares of rough unrefined clay eventually gave way to fine wares thrown on the potter's wheel. At every stage artists encapsulated the aesthetics of their times in the pottery that they produced.

The exhibition, CERAMIC, includes all manner of objects made of fired clay, from Prehistory, through the Classical Mediterranean civilizations of Greece and Rome. Also included are works from ancient Meso-America and South America. Dozens of objects spanning the course of some 5000 years illustrate the ingenuity and inventiveness of countless artists who found expression in the purest of media, Ceramics.


Past Exhibitions

new book:

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The photography of Joseph Coscia Jr.

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From 09/21/2017 to 10/14/2017

The GODDESS exhibition features sculpture of of the divine female form in antiquity.

The photography of Joseph Coscia

From 05/19/2017 to 06/30/2017

Light on Stone:

the photography of Joseph Coscia

From 10/20/2016 to 12/24/2016

Paintings of John Woodrow Kelley

Through October 15

From 09/15/2016 to 10/15/2016


From 06/09/2016 to 07/30/2016


From 04/07/2016 to 05/28/2016


December through February 2016

From 12/10/2015 to 02/13/2016

Art of Ancient America

From 10/29/2015 to 12/05/2015

On view in our Chelsea gallery from October 29 through December 5

PAX ROMANA: Roman art exhibition

From 09/17/2015 to 10/24/2015

On view exclusively at our Chelsea gallery from September 17 to October 24


From 06/04/2015 to 08/01/2015

On view exclusively at our Chelsea gallery from June 4 to August 1

SYMPOSIUM: Wine and Revelry in Antiquity

From 04/16/2015 to 05/30/2015

On view exclusively at our Chelsea gallery from April 16th to May 30.

the face of antiquity

From 02/01/2015 to 04/11/2015

Our inaugural show in our newly opened Chelsea gallery, on view now through April 11th, explores the widely varied depictions of the human face in ancient art.

Neo-Assyrian Arms and Armor on Display

From 11/15/2011 to 12/31/2011


From 06/01/2008 to 06/30/2008

Our current exhibition includes a number of rare and unusual examples of ancient arms and armor including, Greek bronze helmets and horse armor, Roman legionary bricks, Celtic swords and spears, as well as a number of ancient projectile points.

FEMINA: Women of Antiquity

From 03/27/2008 to 04/30/2008

A special exhibition examining the iconography of women in ancient art


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