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 Arms and Armor of Ancient Greece

We often think of Ancient Greece as the birthplace of so many things we cherish today as cornerstones of Western identity. Democracy, philosophy, athleticism, theater, sculpture, architecture and literature first come to mind when we think of the Ancient Greeks. Militarism is not immediately associated with them, but it pervaded every aspect of Greek society from the Bronze Age until the rise of Rome. Indeed a great deal of ancient Greek literature and art was devoted to the subject of warfare. This mirrored the reality of their times. As the Greek general and historian Thucydides observed in his day, “Peace is merely a period of armistice in the continuous war.”

Warfare is of course as old as humanity. Technological advances in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt rendered them militarily superior to their neighbors who soon fell under their dominions. As Iron Age metallurgy spread from the Middle East across the Mediterranean and Europe, many societies adapted new military technology that enabled them to challenge the supremacy of the old order. In Greece an arms race ensued whereby competing city-states fielded increasingly well-equipped troops in a continuous series of disputes over land and resources. This relentless fighting between competing city-states led to technological innovations which by the time of the Persian invasions of the early 5th BC demonstrated the unrivaled military dominance that the Greeks had achieved in terms of weapons, armor, strategy and tactics. For hundreds of years the Greek phalanx was superior to all other armies. This tradition was eventually passed on to Alexander the Great and ultimately to the Romans.

The exhibition, ART of WAR, brings together an unprecedented accumulation of weapons and armor from ancient Greece. There are over a dozen bronze helmets, breastplates, and other pieces of armor represented. The helmets, including the iconic Corinthian type, bring one face to face with the imposing visage of the ancient Greek hoplite. A breast plate with extravagantly sculptured musculature illustrates the artistry of the ancient Greek armor smith. Many fine spears and blades convey his prowess. Earlier objects include a Babylonian dagger inscribed with the name of the king Kadashman-Turgu. Objects from Europe include an ancient Celtic iron shield and sword. The Roman Empire is represented by the close combat weapon of the legionary soldier, the iron dagger or pugio.

The exhibition, ART of WAR, is a very rare opportunity to view and acquire a large number of fine quality ancient pieces of unique arms and armor, some of which have not been on the market for decades. These objects are the only remaining physical links to the citizen soldiers or hoplites who created and defended the ancient Greek way of life to which the modern western world is so deeply indebted.


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